These high quality trendy jewels only use Made in Italy materials from a controlled supply chain. The distinctive trait of the collection is represented by handcrafted leather and available in various colors. Being these unisex accessories, each piece is configured both as men and women’s leather bracelets. On the upper part of the jewel, three 9 mm cases are inserted, each with a “PRECIOSA” gem placed in the center to make the piece even more elegant. The cases can have four different finishes, while leather has multiple colorsthat are inherent to the trends of the moment. To give the bracelet a sophisticated style and at the same time full personality, a circular snap hook was adopted. It is possible to choose between three different sizes and on the inside of the bracelet, the 9MM JEWELRY Mark has been stamped with heat to certify the quality of this unconventional collection.


These are single lap bracelets in hard stone and you can choose between different models in white or black agate, turquoise stone or pink quartz, amazonite, but also lava stone, tiger eye etc, etc…The central 9MM accessory is handmade and follows the design of Marco Francescangeli, adopting the ancient lost-wax casting technique. It starts with the design of the piece to create the 3D high-definition resin mold. The shape is given from the resin to a wax mold which will serve to have a plaster sample for casting the molten metal. Next step consists on the hand polishing, finishing details and a galvanic bath to improve its shine and beauty. For example, the Vienna hard stone bracelet is made of white agate with details and a 9MM gold accessory, while the Habana model is made of multicolor tiger eye with details and a 9MM accessory in silver.


The 9 mm cases have the same plating as the 925 sterling silver chain. At the center a light point was placed, consisting on a pendant made with a PRECIOSA gem, product from a leading company in the crystal sector. The stone can have different colors, to give character to the jewel. For example, the Rosegold pink gold necklace is characterized by a pink PRECIOSA gem and a 18K rose gold bath. Instead the Gold & Black gold necklace has a 24K gold finish that creates a pleasant contrasting effect with the black PRECIOSA stone. Finally the Silver necklace combines the silver bath with a neutral PRECIOSA gem. The entire collection is based on an evolution, disassembled and modified in shape, of 9×21 caliber shells. The result is a refined, elegant style, with the uniqueness guaranteed by a completely manual processing. Please note that each of these real bullet jewelry diy has a length of 40 + 3 cms and is based on a Cardano 0.6mm chain subjected to anti-tarnish treatment and completely hypoallergenic because it is nickel-free. Its an extremely simple structure that also makes it perfect as a men’s silver real bullet necklace.


These jewels feature a very elegant and discreet 925 sterling silver body. The terminal, characteristic of our brand, has as its protagonist the 9MM case. It also integrates the light point in the center to give greater brightness to the accessory.


The button earrings, whose body is made up of a 9 mm case with anallergic stainless steel base (the finishes proposed for the case are 24-carat gold, silver, gunmetal and 18-carat rosegold) and integrating a Preciosa crystal